Quick & easy – playful cheese platters for an after dinner treat

Most of us know summer to be the time for get-togethers with family and friends. And that’s why we love it. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, either; just a nice afternoon for gathering on the deck, or an impromptu session of family cricket in the park.

When your thoughts turn to summer-time al-fresco catering, share platters are easy to manage. But most of all, a delicious spread is not complete without a tasty cheese, or two.

Cheeses make an excellent centrepiece for an artfully-arranged platter of fruit, crackers and condiments. They are simple and easy to prepare. For those looking to spice up their offerings this summer, consider our exciting range at Moondarra. They are locally made and available at your local Coles and IGA stores, Australia-wide, as well as all supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

Take your pick

The Moondarra cheese range comes in a wide variety of flavours, crafted to suit all palates. Made with fresh, natural ingredients, these cheeses offer maximum flavour and deliciousness. Combined with a few simple ingredients, they are great for an aperitif and casual snacking.

For those that enjoy a fruit and nut flavours, the Pistachio and Honey option is perfect for popping on a spread. Meanwhile, the savoury Basil and Tomato cream cheese works wonderfully well with an antipasto platter. Serve up with some antipasto, and a variety of crackers and breads; traditionally a grissini (hard crusty breadstick) is used, but any Italian-style bread, cut into rough chunks will work.

Working your antipasto magic

A simple antipasto platter can be constructed from a few easy-to-find ingredients. For the meat, prosciutto and salami always work well; but for something different, try an air-cured beef (bresaola). Sun-dried or semi-dried tomatoes are a staple of most antipasto; add a selection of salty olives (these are great warmed) to complement the subtle sweeter flavours of the cheese. A more adventurous antipasto might also contain some pickled vegetables (giardiniera), small salty gherkins (cornichon), and roasted artichoke, or capsicum.

All of these ingredients are readily available in your supermarket deli, but if you want your antipasto platter to have a personalised touch, roasting your own vegetables is always easy.

Planning goes a long way

Over the summer, it is a good idea to think ahead. Keep some simple antipasto ingredients on your shopping list. By swapping out one or two ingredients each time, you can create a great variety without breaking the bank.

If you’re entertaining children—whether it’s a formal occasion, or a casual play date—then the sweeter Pistachio and Honey cheese from Moondarra is a top pick. This crowd favourite adds a great flavour twist to sandwiches, or as a topping for crispbreads for an afternoon snack.

If you’re looking for an after-dinner treat, this cheese also works equally well with a fresh-brewed coffee, a glass of port, sherry, muscat, or fortified wine.

Top tip: Keep Moondarra cream cheese handy by popping them in the fridge. With 120gm and 200gm blocks available, they are perfect for feeding unexpected guests, or when you feel like a spontaneous platter.

Moondarra’s range is stocked in all IGA supermarkets and in Coles, all across Australia. You’ll also find them at all supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

Head to your nearest Coles or IGA (and independents) throughout Australia, or any supermarket across New Zealand, to pick up your preferred Moondarra Cheese – so you’re ready to have your very own #MoondarraMoments.